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Our wide-ranging capabilities, gained mainly within the space industry, are best exemplified by the CV of Justin Lewis, our Chief Technical Officer.


Since its inception in 2000 the company has played a significant part in two major projects, described below. Both are now operational and the company's involvement is continuing during the support and enhancement phase.

I4S is a satellite control system developed by a major international consortium composed of L3 Communications, a leading US aerospace company, Inmarsat, the London-based operators of a global network of communications satellites, and Astrium, the dominant European satellite manufacturer. Inmarsat uses the system to control all its satellites, 11 in commission in mid 2016. At this time the system is also being used to control some dozen satellites for other operators and to monitor an additional 20. As a member of staff at Inmarsat, Justin Lewis conceived the I4S Kernel and led its architectural design.

As subcontractor to Symban Ltd, Cortex helped develop RETINA, a real-time GNSS augmentation system for the European Space Operations Centre's Navigation Support Office. RETINA was successfully delivered at the end of 2006.


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